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You must stay drunk on writing so that reality cannot destroy you -Ray Bradbury
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"I don’t believe in a dispassionate and academic way of thinking about domestic violence. Now I’ve done some academic writing and I believe in that when it’s the right place for it. What I’m saying is, I don’t believe in that mentality."

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~ Wednesday, August 20 ~

The effects of the incident last much longer for the abused woman, of course, and pretty soon the abuser may be snapping at her: “What, aren’t you over that yet? Don’t dwell on it, for crying out loud. Let’s put it behind us and move forward.” His attitude is: “I’m over it, so why isn’t she?”

Genuine remorse and theatricality are not mutually exclusive. Most abusers are truly sorry - though perhaps largely for themselves…

Remorse usually tends to decline as abusive incidents pile up. The genuine aspect fades as the abusive man grows accustomed to acting abusively and tuning out his partner’s hurt feelings. The theatrical part fades as he becomes less concerned about losing the relationship, confident now that she is fully under his control and won’t leave him.

The salient point about remorse, however, is that it matters little whether it is genuine or not. [Abusive men in an abuser program] who get very sorry after acts of abuse change at about the same rate as the ones who don’t. The most regretful are sometimes the most self-centered, lamenting about all the injury they’ve done to their own self image. They feel ashamed of having behaved like cruel dictators and want to revert quickly to the role of benign dictators, as if that somehow makes them much better people.

— Lundy Bancroft, Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men (via seebster)

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so i was trying to find a picture of a bird that is big so i searched “big bird” but forgot he was a character


so i went back and typed in “a large bird” and HE IS STILL HERE LOOKIN SAD LIKE I DIDN’T WANT HIM


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when you say ow but it doesn’t really hurt

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my dad is a senior software engineer at Google
this is his work laptop


he takes it to company meetings

I’ve been told he has received many compliments

Marry him.

did you read the post

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yo but this says so much about rape when a woman would literally rather be around a murderer than a rapist

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Willow Smith made this Vine about her brother bruh

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  • pro-life advocates: *verbally harasses abortion patients and pickets outside of clinics, compromising the safety and privacy of the patients*
  • police:
  • westboro baptist church: *holds up picket signs that say how jewish, muslim, and gay people are going to hell and that god hates them personally*
  • police:
  • ferguson protesters: *protests peacefully over the murder of an unarmed black teenager*
  • police: what the fUCK this is horrendous and completely out of order call in all units

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